Art Studio, Edinburgh

Our client, an Edinburgh-based professional artist, was looking for a practical but stylish home studio. She needed a solution quickly and had an architect friend draw up initial plans for a studio annexe. However, she realised that hiring a company specialising in this sort of build would be more efficient and contacted JML Garden Rooms after researching options online.

  • Main Contractor: JML Garden Rooms
  • Size: 13 SQ.M


As a practicing artist, our client’s key priorities for her studio space were having ample natural light and as much wall space as possible. The garden room was a bespoke design with additional skylights, while the side window that comes as standard was removed to allow additional space for her to pin up sketches.

Services Delivered

We carried out all services required by the client, including site clearance, groundworks, manufacture, supply and erection of the garden room. From the date of her initial enquiry, we were handing over the keys to her completed garden room within two months. Internally, the client opted out of final finishes such as wooden floors and plasterboard, choosing instead to have the walls and ceiling left in chipboard, which was painted white. This meant that she didn’t have to be precious about paint spills and could display all her artwork.

What the client said...

“Working with JML Garden Rooms was the best experience. I actually really enjoyed the team arriving in the mornings: they were punctual, they communicated with each other, so everyone knew what was going on. They were polite, skilled at what they do and focussed on getting things done right. Everything went without a hitch and before I knew it, the studio was complete!”

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