Office Pod

In recent months many of us have had to transition to working from home - and that can bring it's own distractions, as well as it's own rewards.

A JML Garden Room Office Pod can offer the ideal solution.  It creates a secluded work environment which is distraction-free and provides all the technology and comfort you need, but sparing valuable space in the family home and maintaining the important separation between work and family life.

We can supply any size or shape of decking to suit your needs.

Available in two standard sizes (the biggest being large enough for two people to work in simultaneously), we believe that both offer an office you will be keen to escape to!

We have ensured the internal size fits the Ikea desk unit and a more premium range, so that our office pods are easy to furnish and allow you to start work straight away.

We have an IT specialist who can advise on the best products to suit your media and communication needs.  Lighting, security and heating systems can all be controlled remotely, making it practical on every level.

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