The Hideout

Luxury Garden Shelters (UK) by JML Garden Rooms

Have you ever wanted to enjoy your outdoor area while still benefiting from the comfort of being indoors? Do you need that little bit of extra space to relax, or do you yearn for a hobby room or yoga area you can call your own? Or perhaps you want to give your ‘man cave’ an elegant upgrade?

Our fully fitted garden hideouts are the perfect solution

Not quite an annexe or garden office pod and not quite a gazebo, our garden structures allow you that little bit of permanent extra space without the expense and inconvenience of extending your home.

Stylish and attractive, a hideout is elegant whilst remaining functional and secure. More permanent and durable than using a pergola kit, your hideaway is professionally installed by our team. Your garden structure becomes almost a whole additional room for you to play with.

Resistant to the unruly British weather, a hideout guarantees you peace of mind when organising outdoor social events. With a solid timber structure, your garden hideaway can endure all kinds of climates, which means you won’t have to be constantly checking the forecast whenever you plan to entertain.

Whether you have a big or a small space, JML Garden Rooms work with you every step of the way. This means you collaborate closely with our design team to create something truly bespoke and unique to your outdoor space, house and requirements. We support you from start to finish, from the planning to the building to the interior design. 

Our structures rarely require planning permission, so we offer you a speedy installation service that will get your hideout up and running in no time.

If you’re planning to sell your property now or in the future, a bespoke garden hideout could significantly increase the value of your home. Seen as a highly desirable addition, luxury outdoor features can give the overall appeal of your property a real boost.

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If you think a garden hideout might be for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We’ll talk through your requirements and work out the best options for you and your specific circumstances.

Our Hideout allows you to enjoy the outdoors, with the extra benefits of shelter from the rain and wind - and the option to add an overhead heater for warmth!  Ideal for entertaining, barbecuing, as a play space or to house a hot tub.

Made using the highest quality materials, each Hideout is designed to withstand all that our variable climate can throw at us, and will last for years.

This garden 'room' can be one, two or three sided, to suit any lcoation, and can include glazing.  It will be a beautiful addition to any garden and enables you to enjoy your garden for many more months of each and every year. 

  • Size can be modified to suit your specific garden.
  • Available in a range of colour finishes.
  • Available with or without a deck, so if you already have a patio area we can incorporate it.
  • Electric connection can provide lighting, power and/or outdoor heating.
  • We can design and build something completely bespoke and in keeping with your current house and garden.

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