Education: Classroom Pods

Innovative learning spaces for educational facilities

If you need an extra classroom, staff room, hall, nursery area, or music room, then look no further than a JML Outdoor Learning Pod.

Our enclosed classroom pods provide an innovative learning space for children to discover the world in a comfortable and inspiring environment. 

Your classroom pod is fully customisable, with options ranging from a modern classroom design with transparent walls to a cosy social space where the class can play and interact with other children. Each learning pod is built to order, meaning you can get really specific about your needs.

Your new learning pod will act as a fully functioning classroom with all of the amenities you'll need to assist in teaching your students. 

Gargunnock Primary School visit to JML Garden Rooms factory

Learning pods suited to all establishments

The multi-functional nature of our buildings ensures that they can be used for different purposes throughout the year while remaining cheap to run due to their exceptionally high thermal properties provided by their SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) structures.

The ways in which we've seen our learning pods used include:

  • Classroom space for schools
  • Dedicated early years playroom
  • Social space for a small group of children
  • Staffroom
  • Hall
  • Music room
  • Common room
  • Additional storage space for playground equipment and other learning aids

Inspiring learning and growth

A classroom pod can be an inspiring place to learn. Our pods are both self-contained and expansive, allowing children to interact with the outside world while keeping them safe and comfortable. They'll be able to observe animal and plant life while also benefitting from a secure hub.

All learning pods can be equipped with the most cutting edge educational technology. Learning pods are a unique and versatile space that encourages curiosity and productivity.

Taking care of your project from start to finish

With our background in construction through our sister house building company, JML SIPs, and our civils company, JML Contracts, our skillset fully meets the unique requirements of the education sector. 

Our comprehensive knowledge and skills allow us to offer clients a complete package of services from groundworks and landscaping to the supply and erection of the building itself. 

We can provide project management for the entire contract and help achieve planning and tailor the size of our buildings and also the placement of glazing and services such as water and electricity as required.

We also minimise any disruption during construction by manufacturing off-site, making the on-site construction phase quick. It can even be scheduled to make the most of the school holidays.

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