18 March, 2022

Do Garden Rooms Add Value to Your Property?

If you're considering installing a JML Garden Room, you're probably weighing up all the benefits. One question you might ask yourself is "Do Garden Rooms add value to my house?"

In a word - the answer is yes.

Most Garden Rooms add a huge amount of appeal to your property, driving up the price and attracting more potential buyers.

A Garden Room can be the irresistible "je ne sais quoi" to your garden, creating extra space that your buyer can make use of.

Garden Rooms are a cost-effective, convenient and easy way to maximise your space, increasing the asking price of your property. 


beautiful artist studio garden room


Why does a Garden Building add value?

It's common sense that the larger your property is, the more it'll sell for on the market. A failsafe way to increase the value of your home is to increase the floor space.

This could involve adding an extra floor, a loft conversion or a large verandah or conservatory.

However, going down this route requires much disruption and a rather hefty price tag. Building works will take weeks, sometimes months, to complete. Parts of your home will be off limits while the builders finish the project.

A garden building is a great alternative to an extension for many reasons. Read on to find out more.


A Garden Room contributes to the overall floor space of your property

Your Garden Room contributes towards the total floor space of your property, which (generally speaking) will automatically add value to your home.

As we've already mentioned, a bigger house equals bigger money. Your buyer will benefit from a dedicated space that they can use for whatever they wish.


A Garden Room creates a dedicated space for a Garden Office or for hobbies

A key feature of a high-quality Garden Room is that the space is extremely versatile.

Whether your buyer is looking for a dedicated home office with a difference, or a high-performance garden shed, a quality Garden Room can be anything they want it to be. We've seen them used as social spaces, yoga studios, games rooms and more.

With the recent developments of the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have been working from home. As a result, a garden home office is likely to appeal to many potential buyers, so many of whom will be working from home for the foreseeable future.


garden office meeting room


A Garden Room acts as a respite

Beyond their practical uses, a Garden Room adds the appeal of physical and mental distance from the main house. It's a major appeal to know that you'll have a quiet space to yourself, a respite away from busy home life.

This is sure to appeal to a great number of buyers who value a sense of calm and space in their home.


tranquil garden room


A Garden Room adds to your outdoor space

Even if you have a small garden, JML Garden Rooms can level up the look of your outdoor space.

A well built Garden Room immediately makes an impact on prospective buyers. Their sleek and elegant finish will look impressive to anyone viewing your property, and create a sense of space and functionality to your outdoor space.


Building a Garden Room is cost-effective

Garden Rooms are much more cost-effective than structural works on your main building. Compared to the costly process of extending a house with bricks and mortar, a Garden Room is always going to be the more economical option.


Building Your Garden Room is quick, easy and unobtrusive - and you won't have to seek planning permission

Most of the time, you won't need to seek planning permission for your Garden Room, although this depends on the size and it's use.

Applying for planning permission costs money and you'll have to wait until your request has been accepted to commence building works.

Seeking planning permission also requires extra admin and effort to make an application to your local council. If you choose a JML Garden Room, in most cases we can get underway with building right away.

As your Garden Room is built outside, no parts of your home will be out of bounds, and our skilled team can complete your project quickly without causing any disruption.


A Garden Room creates a "Wow" factor that'll speed up a sale

A JML Garden Room is a sure way to set your property apart from the others on the market. This is sure to encourage a faster sale, as it'll garner more interest from buyers.


How much value does a Garden Room add?

It's always difficult to answer the question "How much value will my Garden Room add?", as there are many factors that can determine that figure.

At a tentative estimation, you can expect your Garden Room to add between 5% and 15% to your asking price. However, this is dependent on the overall quality of your Garden Room and it's building installation.

If you've installed a poor quality building, not even the additional floor space will make a significant difference to the value of your property.

By choosing JML, you'll benefit from the peace of mind that your Garden Room and its installation will be of the highest quality available.

Our friendly team has been working for years to deliver the best products along with personable customer service bespoke to our clients.

Our Garden Rooms team will be happy to answer your questions. Please get in touch today for expert advice.

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