09 July, 2020

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Business Connections – with the emphasis remaining on working from home wherever possible, it is now evident that this is a workable solution for businesses and will remain in place long after the current crisis has passed. With our vast experience in the design and production of Garden Rooms and Office Pods, JML offer a variety of solutions for the business and working community.

We would be delighted to partner with employers looking to help provide their employees with quick, cost effective, adaptable, home office solutions which create highly efficient and comfortable working environments. Our IsoPods offer employers, and employees, flexibility of choice for ownership and purchase by remaining transferable in location and could be used either at home or on business premises, allowing you to adjust to the changing needs of your business.

As well as the finance partnership we have available to spread costs, employers can also offer their employees interest free loans to help with the initial purchase and we can offer reductions on the retail price for direct business partnerships. If you would like to discuss how we can help provide Office Pods for your business and employees, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Garden Rooms Manager, Jakki, on 07525 134509 or [email protected]

Latest IsoPods

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