25 October, 2019

Save The Hedgehog!

An interesting and very useful article by diygarden.co.uk on how to help save hedgehogs from extinction – numbers have plummeted by a third in the last 20 years.

The Ultimate Guide to Looking After Hedgehogs

You can help by leaving food out for them; cat food in jelly (not fish based) is good and please leave some water (not milk because they are lactose intolerant and it can kill them).

Hogs like a natural garden with messy corners. Decking, paving, and hard landscaping means less natural habitat for hedgehogs.  Please consider leaving some rugged areas for hedgehogs to enjoy with leaves, logs and longer grass.

At this time of year they are getting ready to hibernate, but if they are too small or poorly they won’t survive the winter.  If you see a hedgehog during daylight hours, they need help.  If you see a very small hedgehog at this time of year, day or night, it needs your help.  You can pick them up using gloves and call a wildlife rescue centre for advice.

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