09 December, 2014

Work Begins on the New Eco Garden Office

Work Begins on the New Eco Garden Office

Work begins on the New Eco Garden office. Our client runs his own Conservation business, so being Enviromentally friendly is the main aim of the game here.

We have used:

  • Recalimed slates for the roof
  • Copper roof ridge and gutter system
  • Fermacell plasterboard replacement
  • Locally sourced timber, sawn at a local sawmill for the Stunning larch cladding and decking.

The customer is so happy, that while we wait for the paint to dry on the inside, he asked us to clad his entire garage and build log stores either side to match.

Stay tuned for the next steps. A little landscaping and the Eco Office suite to be installed. We are just waiting for some decisions to be made. So Exciting!

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